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I thought I’d seen and heard it all … But then I read this, and listened to the interview.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Louisiana State University is now a Micro-Brewery, that’s right, now instead of bringing your own beer to the tailgate, or mixing your own shine; you will now be able to experience Saturday in Death Valley full of LSU’s own home-brewed BEER, Name To Be Determined.

Just remember everyone, this is for educational purposes only, and not for the purpose of obtaining inebriation.For the record, I think that holding Collegiate classes in a Micro-Brewery is an Awesome yet Very Very Bad idea.

How many athletes will be allowed to register for Micro-Brewing 101 at a time? And in season?

UPDATED 7/22/11

Bloomberg Business Week weighs in 

The News Star gives their Nickles worth

Posted: Wednesday, 20 July 2011 3:21PM

LSU to brew & sell own brand of beer

Chris Miller Reporting

Given LSU’s reputation as a party school, it’s hard to believe this is a new thing, but the school this fall will begin selling its own line of beer, crafted by students, with the help of a Baton Rouge micro-brewery.

Tin Roof brewing owner William McGehee says the LSU-themed beer is brewed with Tiger tailgaters in mind.

“It’s going to be a light and crisp refreshing blond ale,” said McGehee.  “It’s hot down here at least nine months out of the year.”

Tin Roof Brewing Company owner William McGehee:

But the purpose of this pilsner, says McGehee, is not inebriation, but education.

“Some of the professors from the food science department are going to hold classes over at the brewery,” McGehee said.  “We just wanted to teach, I guess share, our passion for beer.”

McGehee says they will also offer internships for students wanting to learn more about the business.  There’s no official roll-out date yet, but plans are to get it on store shelves during football season.

Several LSU fans made suggestions for a name for the LSU beer on WWL Radio’s  Facebook page.

LSBrew, The Golden Beer from Tigerland, Tiger Bait, and Tiger Golden, were a few of the suggested brand names for the beer.


Once again Jim Tressel has stuck is foot in his mouth, this time making a “Guarantee” that he can’t possibly make good on. Outside his residence in front of 200 or so Tressel supporters, the Former Buckeye Coach guaranteed that Ohio State will beat Michigan on November 26th. Seeing as how Tressel has been Fired, and Pryor will likely be declared ineligible along with several other key Buckeyes; this guarantee is as empty as the parking lot of a car dealer after the Pryor family visits!!!

I would have preferred Brady Hoke get to beat Jim Tressel in his first season coaching the Maize’n’Blue; but a Win against the Buckeyes will Always be a Win against the Buckeyes … LET’S GO BLUE!!!

Updated: June 4, 2011, 8:49 PM ET

Jim Tressel talks to fans at home

Associated Press

UPPER ARLINGTON, Ohio — Former Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel told people at a rally on his front doorstep that he would always be a Buckeye and that the team will beat Michigan again this November.

After a crowd of some 200 people had sung a song disparaging the archrival Wolverines early Saturday evening, Tressel said, “Don’t forget: Nov. 26th we’re going to kick their ass!”

That brought the loudest cheer of the day from the group, which had walked a half mile in 90-degree heat from a rallying point at a nearby park to Tressel’s expansive French Provincial home in this Columbus suburb near campus.

Tressel was forced to resign Monday for his role in covering up his knowledge of his players taking improper benefits from a Columbus tattoo-parlor owner.

Those in the rally cheered, sang the alma mater and held up signs that said, “You’re in Our Prayers,” “We Support You, Jim!” and “We Love You, Coach Tressel.”

Tressel and his wife, Ellen, posed for dozens of pictures, shook hands and thanked those in attendance.

He had memorably guaranteed that the Buckeyes would beat archrival Michigan at an Ohio State basketball game shortly after he had taken the job in January 2001.

Saturday’s rally was reminiscent of those held for two past Ohio State coaches. After Woody Hayes was fired for punching a Clemson player late in the 1978 Gator Bowl, hundreds of fans came to his residence to thank him.

The same thing happened after Hayes’ successor, Earle Bruce, was fired late in the 1987 season. Again, a large group of fans and members of the university’s band came to Bruce’s house to serenade him with songs.

Five Ohio State players — including star quarterback Terrelle Pryor — have been suspended for the first five games of the 2011 season for accepting improper benefits from a tattoo-shop owner. The NCAA continues to investigate Ohio State, which goes before the NCAA’s committee on infractions on Aug. 12.

But the fans who walked from Thompson Park didn’t dwell on the negatives.

One fan wore a red, white and blue T-shirt that said, “Jim Tressel For President.”

“We’re going to be Buckeyes for life,” Tressel said, his arm around his wife. “What’s that old saying? Buckeye born and bred, a Buckeye ’til I’m dead.”

The crowd cheered when he finished.

He showed no emotion, thanking the fans as they departed after 20 minutes or so.
Copyright 2011 by The Associated Press

Are we really to believe that Jim Tressel and Ohio State as a whole didn’t know their Star Quarterback was driving his “test cars” on a Suspended License?!?

Are we then also to believe that the Dealership that gave him these cars, including the one with Temporary Plates he drove to Monday night’s team meeting; that they never asked to see his license. Had they done this as they would with any regular driver, they to would have seen he did not possess a valid license to drive their cars. But of course since they swear they’ve done nothing preferential for Pryor, I’m headed to Columbus with my Suspended License ASAP to take advantage of this $0 purchase opportunity without a valid license!!!

Pryor’s Driver’s License Suspended, Records Show

Terrelle Pryor Black Nissan Car OSU

NBC4 has learned that OSU star QB Terrelle Pryor has been driving with a suspended license – and without driving privileges.

Published: June 01, 2011
Updated: June 01, 2011 – 1:23 PM

COLUMBUS, Ohio —NBC4 has learned that OSU star QB Terrelle Pryor has been driving with a suspended license – and without driving privileges.

NBC4 first reported Tuesday that Pryor’s driver’s license was suspended two weeks ago. But NBC4video showed him driving as he left the Ohio State University’s Woody Hayes Athletic Center Monday. He was driving the black Nissan 350Z which has now become part of the focus of an NCAA investigation.

It was unclear Tuesday if Pryor had been granted driving privileges, but the Franklin County Clerk of Courts told NBC4 Wednesday that Pryor was not given driving privileges.

For example, a person who loses their license can request and be granted driving privileges to and from work.

Documents from the BMV indicated Pryor’s license was suspended for no proof of insurance and is in effect through August 18.

He was stopped earlier this year for running a stop sign, last year for traveling 94 mph in a 65 mph zone and two years ago, for traveling 99 mph in a 65 mph zone.

The focus of the NCAA investigation, however, is on the vehicles that Pryor has driven while at Ohio State and whether he received extra benefits because he’s a football player.

Driving with a suspended license is a first-degree misdemeanor in Ohio punishable by a maximum penalty of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Sources tell NBC4 Sports that nine current Ohio State football players are being interviewed Wednesday by the NCAA as part of the ongoing investigation. These are the current players who were named in the recent article by Sports Illustrated.

For additional information, stay with NBC4 and

Thank You Steve Henson for writing this piece, and for showing us a side of “Sparky” we never knew … Rest In Peace George Anderson … We’ll Always Miss You … BLESS YOU!!!

The Other Side Of Sparky Anderson

Monday, May 30, 2011 7:51 pm
Written by: Steve Henson
  • There was no funeral for Sparky Anderson when he died last November. No memorial service, either. No one from the legendary baseball manager’s family attended the opening day ceremonies in his honor in Cincinnati or Detroit. And no one named Anderson showed up at an awards dinner for him last week in Los Angeles.

Many in baseball are perplexed by his dying wish that his passing go without traditional observance. Understanding the reason begins with recognizing that Sparky Anderson and George Anderson — Sparky’s given name — were vastly different sides of the same person. George administered last rites to Sparky years ago.

When he and his wife visited a dying friend in a hospital, a priest dropped in to comfort the friend but saw the familiar face sitting across the room and excitedly began talking baseball. George was mortified. He’d been a devout Catholic his entire life, often rising at daybreak to attend Mass. But he decided then and there: no church service when he passed.

George was committed to putting his family first. Sparky was folksy and friendly and a diamond icon as manager of the Reds from 1970 to 1978 and Tigers from 1979 to 1995, but at a cost familiar to many who make baseball a career. He was immersed in the season nine months a year and unable to say no to charity organizers, writers, friends and former players the other three.

Sometimes nothing was left by the time he got home, sometimes he barely recognized who his children had become and they could barely stand who he’d become. But once he took off the uniform for the last time and left the broadcast booth for good, he morphed back into George. He found sturdy common ground with his two sons and daughter, and relished time with his grandchildren, nephews and nieces. As he lay dying Nov. 4, 2010, even through the thick haze of dementia, he knew who he wanted to be in death.

He’d go as George Anderson.


The intent of the Rod Dedeaux Award dinner last week was noble, and giving the honor to Anderson wasn’t contrived: The late Dedeaux — who won 11 national titles as USC baseball coach — had been Sparky’s childhood mentor, and proceeds went to the Major League Baseball Urban Youth Academy. But the event confirmed that George made the right decision for his family.

Joe Morgan, Tom Seaver, Doug Harvey, Vin Scully and others reminisced about Sparky, the nickname George took on as a hot-tempered minor league manager in the 1960s and his persona until he retired as one of the most successful big league skippers of all time.

A funeral and memorial would have included a parade of well-meaning baseball people paying homage to Sparky — the Dedeaux Award dinner by a factor of 10. They would have thought they were doing the right thing. They wouldn’t have known better. It would have been miserable for George’s wife of 57 years, Carol, and the kids.

George’s final days were all about family. By his side was his oldest son, Lee, whose long hair and rebelliousness at a time his conservative father enforced strict grooming rules on the Reds in the 1970s was described in Joe Posnanski’s excellent book The Machine.

Lee Anderson, a successful concrete contractor and man of integrity, still wears his hair beyond shoulder length at age 52. George not only learned to accept it, he came to love it dearly because his son’s locks were the same gleaming blast of premature white as his own.


My insight into the Andersons comes from being their neighbors since the 1960s. I played on a 12-year-old team with Lee. My mom and Carol Anderson sold baked goods together to raise money for the Little League. Later I coached Lee’s younger brother, Albert, and their cousin Mike Sheehan, who has remained a lifelong friend. I observed George and I observed Sparky. Then I observed George again.

Throughout our 40-year acquaintance I addressed him only as Mr. Anderson. I’ve been a sportswriter my entire career and never wrote a story about him until now. I didn’t tell him what I did for a living; why complicate a perfectly good friendship with that sort of information? To Mr. Anderson, I was the local guy he called Stevie who coached teenagers year after year as a volunteer. That was something he could respect.

After the infrequent seasons when his team didn’t make the playoffs, he would help out with our fall league. He’d show up in paint-splotched pants, hit mile-high fungoes and give the kids funny nicknames. I’d recklessly wave a runner around second while basecoaching, and after the inning he’d shake his head and say, “Never make the third out of an inning at third base, Stevie. Never.”

The kids would pile into his wood-paneled station wagon and we’d drive to the farm communities of Oxnard and Fillmore for games. Opposing teams would see us approach the field and blink hard: The man with the white hair was instantly recognizable, and the kids would form a single-file line to have him autograph their gloves before we’d play ball.

Days like that blurred the line between George and Sparky. He was there for the love of his son and a love of the game. Nobody called him Captain Hook and nobody expected him to run away with the pennant. Baseball can be a simple pleasure, and Mr. Anderson enjoyed reminding himself of that out of the spotlight in Thousand Oaks.


Home openers at Detroit and Cincinnati this season were odes to both cities’ most successful manager. The Tigers raised a flag with his name on it at Comerica Park and will retire his No. 11 on June 26. The Reds had retired his No. 10 in 2005. Both teams are wearing patches on their jerseys that say “Sparky.”

All are fitting nods to a manager whose 2,194 victories ranks sixth all-time. While he was alive, the ceremony Anderson most cherished besides his Hall-of-Fame induction came Jan. 29, 2006, at a small private school a block from his home. California Lutheran University christened its new baseball stadium the George “Sparky” Anderson field. It was appropriate because his 40-plus year relationship with the school was an effective blend of George and Sparky.

George took brisk early morning walks around the university track with matronly school secretaries and nerdy professors. Sparky held a celebrity golf tournament each year that raised money for the baseball program.

George occasionally sat quietly in the corner of the dugout during practice, and he’d pull aside marginally talented Division III players and whisper sage advice. Sparky would show up at a Cal Lutheran game in February before heading to spring training and sign autographs until the sun dropped behind the Santa Monica Mountains.


Dennis Gilbert, a Chicago White Sox executive and former superagent to Barry Bonds and others, surveyed the well-heeled throng sipping cocktails before taking their seats at the Dedeaux Award dinner. He was disappointed no one from Anderson’s family had come, but he understood.

“Sparky felt uncomfortable at places like this,” Gilbert said. “He’d say, ‘I don’t want to be a greenfly.’ ”

That would have been George talking. Ridding his backyard garden of those plant-sucking greenflies, or aphids, was a challenge he took seriously. Sparky would have had the Dedeaux Award crowd eating out of his hand; George would have avoided it with a polite wave of the same hand.

Sparky was an entertaining speaker, unsophisticated yet insightful, ungrammatical yet pointed. He was best off-script, talking not about baseball but about life. It was then that George’s sensibility sneaked into the message.

A son of Lance Parrish, who caught for the Tigers under Anderson from 1979 through 1986, played at Biola University, another small private Southern California school. Anderson came to the team’s banquet at Parrish’s invitation a few years ago and the coach asked him if he’d say a few words.

“He jumped at the opportunity, which kind of surprised me because he wasn’t asked to do it in advance,” Parrish told The Sporting News. “He poured his heart out to everybody. He talked about the importance of being a good person and caring about people and doing the right thing.

“I don’t think he talked about baseball one sentence, but he let everybody know what was on his heart. It was just a great night.”

One of Anderson’s favorite pieces of wisdom was simply to be nice. “It doesn’t cost a nickel to be nice to people,” he’d say. “It’s something you can give away for free and it means more than a million dollars.”

Since his death, that’s all anyone wanted to express. His former players and friends needed a place and time to say nice things about a man they admired: the great manager Sparky Anderson. A few were able to do so thanks to the Dedeaux family, who knew well the story of the big-eared 14-year-old kid in 1948 that lived a block from the USC campus asking Dedeaux if he could serve as the Trojans’ bat boy.

Dedeaux called him what his mother called him: Georgie. Along the way he became Sparky, an iconic figure who belonged to baseball first and family second. He retired at 61, young for a manager, giving him ample time to adjust his priorities.

The Andersons didn’t need a funeral or a memorial service to convey any of that. Their strength was ensuring that Sparky went quietly. George Anderson rests in peace.

Jim Tressel has been Fired in part due to the incompetence of Rich Rodriguez, and for that we say THANK YOU RICH-ROD!!! That’s right Michigan Fans, and Buckeye haters at large have Rich Rodriguez to Thank for the Sweater Vest being Unraveled. Tressel’s misplaced loyalty to a talented athlete who has only himself as an interest, ultimately led to his downfall today as Tressel resigned from his job as Head Football Coach at Ohio State University. The fallout we’ll witness from this loyalty will be unrivaled in the history of the NCAA, when the sanctions do come down in the coming days/weeks/months, they will be so severe that Woody Hayes will feel them. Jim Tressel will likely never coach above Pop Warner again in his life, and YES we have Rich Rodriguez to thank for all of this.

Had Rodriguez succeeded in recruiting Pryor to Michigan as everyone expected him to do, not only would Michigan have now Fired him for sucking as a coach and ruining 3 years of history at the Legendary school, but also for his own practice hours scandal; and what surely would have been an international incident had Pryor attended Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI a mere 45 min drive from the United States and Canadian Border. Pryor would undoubtedly have found Tattoo and Pawn shops in both countries to sell School Property, Apparel, and Memorabilia to.

So, Yes; THANK YOU RICH RODRIGUEZ for not simply being half a failure in your time at Michigan, but for being a COMPLETE failure. Your inability to do your job, has now led to your own firing, the firing of our most hated rival, and the soiling of the Ohio State Football Program at a time in which Brady Hoke has Michigan ready to play Big Ten Football again … LET’S GO BLUE!!!

And now late word comes in that the NCAA has launched an Independent Investigation into Terrelle Pryor himself for receiving cars and other extra benefits … Stay Tuned … This is about to get even better!!!



 WBNS-TV Columbus: Terrelle Pryor has lost his Coach, but in fact shows he’s learned nothing as this video shows him arrive to a team meeting the night of 5/30/11 in yet another Late Model vehicle with temporary plates …

Tressel MUST be Fired …

Wins MUST be Forfeited …

Players MUST be Declared Ineligible …

Ohio State Must be Charged and Found Guilty of Having a Lack of Institutional Control …

50 Cars MUST be Returned or Paid for …

Yes, that’s right 50 cars, and we’re not talking about 25-year-old used cars, we’re talking about Brand New Chrysler 300M’s and better. Wherever the story of Jim Tressel and the Buckeyes ends, it is clear to all that corruption has taken a strangle hold over the University’s Athletic Department and it all stems from the Football Program. One or two cars, and you say “Well it was just those guys”, FIFTY cars, and now you must say “It’s the whole program”.

Updated: May 7, 2011, 10:15 AM ET

Report: Ohio State faces more scrutiny

Associated Press

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio State’s director of compliance is reviewing at least 50 car sales to Buckeyes athletes and relatives to see if they met NCAA rules, The Columbus Dispatch reported Saturday.

The newspaper reported that a salesman who received game passes from Ohio State athletes handled many of the deals at two different dealerships. Ohio State has since taken the salesman, Aaron Kniffin, off the pass list.

Athletes are prevented from receiving special deals not available to other students. They are not permitted to trade autographs for discounts. Both dealerships display signed Ohio State memorabilia in their showrooms.

 One car, a 2-year-old Chrysler 300 with fewer than 20,000 miles, was titled to then-sophomore defensive player Thaddeus Gibson in 2009. Documents show the purchase price as $0. Gibson said he did not know why the title showed a zero for the purchase price and said he was still paying for the car.

State law requires dealers to report accurate information about all car sales for tax purposes.

School officials have seen no evidence of players getting special treatment in vehicle sales, Douglas Archie, associate athletic director for compliance, said in a statement Saturday.

“Consistent with our standard procedures, we are nevertheless reviewing these sales to assure ourselves that our policies were adhered to,” he said.

Quarterback Terrelle Pryor‘s mother and brother also purchased cars from the dealerships. Kniffin loaned his own car to Pryor for a three-day test drive to Pryor’s home in Jeannette, Pa.

Kniffin and the owner of one of the dealerships he worked for, Jason Goss, have attended seven football games as guests of players, including the 2007 national championship game and the 2009 Fiesta Bowl.

Ohio State already has five players — including Pryor — serving five-game suspensions for accepting improper benefits from a tattoo parlor. The NCAA is investigating coach Jim Tressel, also suspended for five games, for knowing about the benefits but not telling superiors.
Copyright 2011 by The Associated Press

The Mastermind of 9-11 has been KILLED, the United States of America led by Democratic Commander-In-Chief Barrack Obama has confirmed that Osama Bin Laden has been KILLED!!! What George W. Bush could not accomplish in 8 years, this President has accomplished in 2 years. This is The Blockade, this is The Moon, this is The Defining moment for this Presidency. Say what you will about the economy, but President Barrack Obama will FOREVER be known as the President who avenged 9-11, who avenged the single greatest attack against our country!!! The Icing on the Cake is that Bush endangered Thousands of Troops in the Wrong damn Country, Bin Laden was not hiding in the Caves of Afghanistan, but rather he was killed while living it up in a Mansion in Islamabad, Pakistan which is well inside one of the most technologically advanced cities in the entire region. Either way the Face of Terror is DEAD!!!

USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!

This an absolutely shameless attempt to lure traffic to the site, so if you’re a first time visitor, checkout our Pippa gallery, and enjoy the sports articles as well … and of course, comeback again!!! UPDATED 5-21-11

David Beckham Beach Soccer

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Real??? or Fake???

Either way, this Video is pretty Sweet!!!

If you lived in Detroit in the last 100 years, chances are you’re like me, and you called The Corner of Michigan and Trumbull … HOME. There’s an even greater chance that you shed a tear, or got a chill when the wrecking ball took Tiger Stadium away from us. Well dry those tears, because Baseball is Back at The Corner!!! Thanks to a group of volunteers, Sandlot style ball is back at Detroit’s Field of Dreams!!!

Here is a link to pictures of the cleanup effort and game:


Here is the Detroit Free Press’s Coverage of the Resurrection:

11:58 PM, Apr. 3, 2011  |

Tiger Stadium Makeover
Tiger Stadium Makeover: Metro Detroit volunteer groups converge on old Tiger Stadium to spruce up the abandoned ballpark and play baseball. BRIAN KAUFMAN/Detroit Free Press
Mike Phelan, 54, of Detroit, installs new bases at the site of old Tiger Stadium on Sunday, April 3, 2011. A coalition of volunteer groups gathered to clean up the field and play ball, including The Mower Gang, Navin Field Grounds Crew, and Motor City Blight Busters.
John George, executive director of Motor City Blight Busters, throws a baseball at the site of old Tiger Stadium on Sunday. Volunteers spent the morning cleaning up the field to make it suitable for ballgames. 

John George, executive director of Motor City Blight Busters, throws a baseball at the site of old Tiger Stadium on Sunday. Volunteers spent the morning cleaning up the field to make it suitable for ballgames. / BRIAN KAUFMAN/Detroit Free Press
Cleanup volunteer Mike Phelan, 54, of Detroit uncovers part of a home plate Sunday at the site of the old Tiger Stadium. The base was buried in hard dirt. 

Cleanup volunteer Mike Phelan, 54, of Detroit uncovers part of a home plate Sunday at the site of the old Tiger Stadium. The base was buried in hard dirt.

Overgrown weeds clung to the fence, and candy bar wrappers, broken liquor bottles, discarded chip bags and empty cigarette packs littered the ground Sunday morning at the site of the old Tiger Stadium in Detroit.

By afternoon, volunteers had filled several dozen garbage bags with trash and yard waste and installed bases donated by Madonna University, and a pickup baseball game was under way.

Those who wanted to play threw a glove into a pile, which was quickly separated into two piles, and the teams were set.

“I can’t wait until I step on the mound, because it’s where all the greats pitched,” said Dylan Polcyn, 17, of Milford.

He was one of about five dozen volunteers who gave the site a spring cleaning Sunday.

Volunteers from the Navin Field Grounds Crew were there, as they are every week from now through the summer, picking up trash. Tom Derry, 47, of Redford Township founded the group last May to help keep the 9.5-acre site clean, so everybody can use it.

Sunday, his group got some help from the Mower Gang.

Tom Nardone, 41, of Birmingham organized that group’s cleanup efforts using Facebook to recruit and spread the word. The Mower Gang cleans up parks in Detroit, but this is the first time the group was at the Tiger Stadium site.

Volunteers removed weeds that had collected trash, raked the infield, smoothed out the outfield with a lawn roller and planted sunflowers around the field in an area that used to separate the outfield from the stands.

Corn will be planted with the sunflowers in May, an idea taken from the movie “Field of Dreams,” volunteer Suzanne Janik, 40, of Ferndale said.

Chris Brewer, 37, of Mt. Clemens said he teared up as he thought of all the history associated with the site.

“This is sacred territory,” he said.

Cassidy Connelly, 10, of Ferndale and her father worked with the Navin Field Grounds Crew picking up trash.

“I really hope that this will end up making the park look really good so people can enjoy it,” she said.

Anyone interested in helping the Navin Field Grounds Crew can come to the site at 10 a.m. Sundays. For information, search for the Spirit of Tiger Stadium on Facebook.