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I thought I’d seen and heard it all … But then I read this, and listened to the interview.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Louisiana State University is now a Micro-Brewery, that’s right, now instead of bringing your own beer to the tailgate, or mixing your own shine; you will now be able to experience Saturday in Death Valley full of LSU’s own home-brewed BEER, Name To Be Determined.

Just remember everyone, this is for educational purposes only, and not for the purpose of obtaining inebriation.For the record, I think that holding Collegiate classes in a Micro-Brewery is an Awesome yet Very Very Bad idea.

How many athletes will be allowed to register for Micro-Brewing 101 at a time? And in season?

UPDATED 7/22/11

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The News Star gives their Nickles worth

Posted: Wednesday, 20 July 2011 3:21PM

LSU to brew & sell own brand of beer

Chris Miller Reporting

Given LSU’s reputation as a party school, it’s hard to believe this is a new thing, but the school this fall will begin selling its own line of beer, crafted by students, with the help of a Baton Rouge micro-brewery.

Tin Roof brewing owner William McGehee says the LSU-themed beer is brewed with Tiger tailgaters in mind.

“It’s going to be a light and crisp refreshing blond ale,” said McGehee.  “It’s hot down here at least nine months out of the year.”

Tin Roof Brewing Company owner William McGehee:

But the purpose of this pilsner, says McGehee, is not inebriation, but education.

“Some of the professors from the food science department are going to hold classes over at the brewery,” McGehee said.  “We just wanted to teach, I guess share, our passion for beer.”

McGehee says they will also offer internships for students wanting to learn more about the business.  There’s no official roll-out date yet, but plans are to get it on store shelves during football season.

Several LSU fans made suggestions for a name for the LSU beer on WWL Radio’s  Facebook page.

LSBrew, The Golden Beer from Tigerland, Tiger Bait, and Tiger Golden, were a few of the suggested brand names for the beer.


Here it is … By popular demand … The Concession Stand Brings you Federal Bungling 101

The Rocket Man has gone to Washington, and at least this time has escaped would be catastrophe … Roger Clemens has K’d the side with the Bases Loaded, Nobody Out, and The United States Justice Department at the Plate.

The Instructions were simple “Do not mention the hearsay testimony of Laura Pettitte”, yet the Prosecution  did that today on Day 2 of the Clemens perjury trial … not once but twice, and apparently in this courtroom they play 3-2 Catholic League Rules. Two strikes against his pitches were all U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton needed to grant a Defense motion to declare a Mistrial. This award of mistrial was granted on the belief of the Court that given the presence of this inadmissible evidence, that it would be nearly impossible for Roger “Rocket Man” Clemens to get a fair and just trial.

Regardless of how you feel about Roger Clemens, Steroids, Congress, MLB, and The Mitchell Report, this country is built on a belief system of laws which provide the accused the right to a fair and speedy trial by a jury of their peers. That unalienable right has been stripped from Clemens, the stripping of that right, not guilt or innocence, is why Roger Clemens will NEVER see the inside of a Prison Cell.

A hearing will be held in September to determine whether or not to grant a new trial, or to simply dismiss the case; either way, today was a Victory in Game 3 of the World Series with Team Clemens now up 3-0 in the Series with their Ace ready to come back for Game 4.





Reality can be denied no longer, there is material confirmation that Yankees Shortstop Derek Jeter is nothing more than an Attention Grabbing … Money Grubbing W#@re!!!

3,000 hits as a Major Leaguer is NOT about what shoes you have on in warm ups, what cleats you wear in the game, or when the merchandise and clothing commemorating your milestone will be on sale to the brainwashed masses.

3,000 hits is something that only 27 people have accomplished, and something NO Yankee has EVER done!!! Thus we have our answer as to why the Yankees caved and gave this washed up has-been a 3yr deal when a 1yr deal was a stretch to yield value. That answer is that the Yankees themselves are the Dark Masters of greed, and Derek Jeter is merely their Pawn/Apprentice. Don’t be fooled, the Yankees will have their share of $$$ from the merchandise when this happens, then they will sell you specs of dirt or grass; telling the public that the 3,000 hit ball touched those molecules of earth.

This isn’t a Milestone of Baseball history, this is the Day the Music Died, this is the day 3,000 hits will be forever cheapened … Thank You Derek Jeter … Thanks for taking this moment from us … DAMN YANKEES!!!

Derek Jeter’s ’3K’ shoes contain sentimental surprise

There is a lot of exposure to be gained from Derek Jeter’s(notes) run to 3,000 hits and Jordan Brand is among those set to clean up. Though the New York Yankees star has only reached 2,997 hits, the Nike-owned line has already introduced its new “DJ3K Collection,” which features a trainer shoe, a cleat and a special pair of batting gloves. It’s the 10th time that Jeter has inspired a featured shoe through Jordan Brand.

Jeter is expected to be wearing the special cleats starting with Thursday night’s game against the Tampa Bay and I have to admit that the whole collection looks pretty sharp. But its appeal to me goes past pure aesthetics because the designers have put in a few personal touches that go past a focus-grouped logo or something similar.

RelatedCan we start enjoying Jeter’s run to 3,000? Please?

For one, the trainers are maroon, a color that pays tribute to Jeter’s alma mater in Western Michigan, Kalamazoo Central High School.

For another, both pairs of shoes contain liners with a special printing — the “contract” that his father, Dr. Charles Jeter, wrote and had him sign on his first day of high school. The agreement between the future star and his parents laid out a personal code of conduct, 18 points that cover everything from grade expectations (“3.8 or above, 4.0 — extra reward”) to his dating life (“Respect girls/like you want to be respected”).

Check the liners out:  

Derek Jeter’s ’3K’ shoes contain sentimental surprise

OK, so the guidelines that Jeter followed to become one of the best Yankees in history are a little hard to read in a foot-shaped format, but Jeter himself will be able to read it in clearer fashion on the shoeboxes he will receive. That’s right, these shoes were created specifically for him and won’t be released for retail. That’s a shame, too, because they’d be a great collectible for any Jeter and Yankees fan out there.