Jeter dodges History at Wrigley … Heads to DL … Not 3,000 Hits

Posted: June 14, 2011 in Baseball, Uncategorized

6 hits shy of 3,000 Captain Mediocrity is headed to the Disabled List with a strained calf, sustained exiting the batter’s box last night. In all likelihood, those 6 hits would not have occurred before the Yankees arrived at Wrigley Field in Chicago this weekend based on Jeter’s batting average thus far this season of .260.

Is he hurt? Sure!

Is he dodging his date with history for 2 weeks? Without a doubt! Jeter is Captain Mediocrity for no reason other than he sits on the threshold of 3,000 career hits because he has successfully pulled the wool over management for a long enough period of time. The fact is, given enough at-bats in a stocked lineup, any major league hitter will reach 3,000 hits. Jeter is no dummy, he knows that once he achieves the milestone, that the media in New York, and across America will renew the talk that he is rapidly deteriorating, and should be benched in favor of younger, more productive players. He knows that this is his last chase for glory, and the man who has pulled the wool over the collective Yankee eye for 17 years knows that once this milestone is complete, that his swan song will truly be sung.





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