Rich-Rod and Terrelle Pryor Force Jim Tressel to Resign

Posted: May 30, 2011 in Football, Other, Uncategorized

Jim Tressel has been Fired in part due to the incompetence of Rich Rodriguez, and for that we say THANK YOU RICH-ROD!!! That’s right Michigan Fans, and Buckeye haters at large have Rich Rodriguez to Thank for the Sweater Vest being Unraveled. Tressel’s misplaced loyalty to a talented athlete who has only himself as an interest, ultimately led to his downfall today as Tressel resigned from his job as Head Football Coach at Ohio State University. The fallout we’ll witness from this loyalty will be unrivaled in the history of the NCAA, when the sanctions do come down in the coming days/weeks/months, they will be so severe that Woody Hayes will feel them. Jim Tressel will likely never coach above Pop Warner again in his life, and YES we have Rich Rodriguez to thank for all of this.

Had Rodriguez succeeded in recruiting Pryor to Michigan as everyone expected him to do, not only would Michigan have now Fired him for sucking as a coach and ruining 3 years of history at the Legendary school, but also for his own practice hours scandal; and what surely would have been an international incident had Pryor attended Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI a mere 45 min drive from the United States and Canadian Border. Pryor would undoubtedly have found Tattoo and Pawn shops in both countries to sell School Property, Apparel, and Memorabilia to.

So, Yes; THANK YOU RICH RODRIGUEZ for not simply being half a failure in your time at Michigan, but for being a COMPLETE failure. Your inability to do your job, has now led to your own firing, the firing of our most hated rival, and the soiling of the Ohio State Football Program at a time in which Brady Hoke has Michigan ready to play Big Ten Football again … LET’S GO BLUE!!!

And now late word comes in that the NCAA has launched an Independent Investigation into Terrelle Pryor himself for receiving cars and other extra benefits … Stay Tuned … This is about to get even better!!!



 WBNS-TV Columbus: Terrelle Pryor has lost his Coach, but in fact shows he’s learned nothing as this video shows him arrive to a team meeting the night of 5/30/11 in yet another Late Model vehicle with temporary plates …

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