Jim Tressel Resigned (Quits on Buckeyes)

Posted: May 30, 2011 in Football, Uncategorized

The only thing worse than a corrupt Coach, is a corrupt Coach who runs before they can be brought  to Justice!!!

The Sweater Vest has taken the cowards way out of the situation he cultivated at Ohio State, the Columbus Dispatch is reporting this morning that Jim Tressel has tendered his resignation.

This comes as a bittersweet moment … On the one-hand, The Sweater Vest has fallen, The Buckeyes are in a complete state of disarray, and Brady Hoke is set to Restore Glory to the Maize and Blue of Michigan … On the other hand however, Jim Tressel has committed the ultimate act of selfishness, he has resigned leaving the players, coaches, school, and fans who trusted and adored him to hold the bag, and pay the price for his transgressions.

Did Jim Tressel deserve to lose his job? Absolutely, and without question he deserved to be fired for his part in a scandal that has involved illegal sales of team apparel by players, illegal sales of automobiles to players, tattoos for autographs and memorabilia, and cover-ups by the coach himself who had knowledge of it all from day one!!!

The manner in which his exit has occurred should not have been of his choosing, first he was given a mere 2 game suspension while players received 5 games for selling apparel. He told the University he’d like to sit for the same 5 games as his players, some called this loyalty, others more wisely called it an admission of guilt and acknowledgement of his involvement. It then came out that players received free cars in exchange for signed memorabilia, yet there was no further punishment for the coach. This of course was because he’d already admitted after giving himself 5 games, that he had knowledge of the events, but pleaded ignorance in his not having reported the information to ANYONE. Now, rather than face the NCAA, Tressel has resigned, likely to never set foot on a College Athletic Field again, for fear the NCAA will catch-up with him forcing him to actually serve a penalty for ruining the lives of the players with whose education and futures he was entrusted.

Congratulations Jim Tressel, as you sneak off into hiding, you’ve left a legacy that Ohio State University will not soon forget. What will be forgotten is that you ever lifted the Crystal Ball, the legacy you’ve left is one which will cause people to burn Sweater Vests, and ban your name from use by their kids … Hey Coach, I hear there’s a vacant Mansion in Pakistan, maybe they’ll let you live there … Promise, nobody will look for you!!!













Next up on the Chopping Block is Ohio State Athletic Director Gene Smith who has steadfast in his support of Tressel throughout this whole ordeal and cover-up. At the end of the day, Tressel is gone, Smith will be as well, and the Football Program will be a forgotten program for the next decade at least. Once the NCAA has had their say, the local Bowl-o-rama is the only Bowl the Buckeyes will be allowed to play in for a very long time. Scholarships will be forfeited, Trophies will be returned, Banners and Flags will come down, and Players will pay restitution as they are stricken from the record books. Jim Tressel and his Football Buckeyes have single-handedly made Michigan and the FAB FIVE look angelic, at least all they did was take some money …

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED SPECIAL REPORT: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2011/magazine/05/30/jim.tressel/index.html# 


 WBNS-TV Columbus:  http://dai.ly/iHEa41 Terrelle Pryor has lost his Coach, but in fact shows he’s learned nothing as this video shows him arrive to a team meeting the night of 5/30/11 in yet another Late Model vehicle with temporary plates …


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