NCAA Files Charges, Calls Tressel a Liar

Posted: April 25, 2011 in Football, Uncategorized

The excuses were garbage, the reasons pathetic, and the punishment a sham. This was the story of the Ohio State Buckeyes. At least this was their story before the NCAA stepped up.

Today the NCAA in a 13 page document, notified Ohio State University that they now have 90 days to respond to allegations that their Head Football Coach personally hid the truth and committed Major NCAA Violations.

The NCAA Cover Letter:

The Allegations:

The Sweater Vest must go, this is not a case of an institution losing control, this is a case of 1 man lying to the world, abusing his power over student athletes, and ultimately trying to cover it all up to save his own skin. He claimed to care about his players, he claimed he wanted what was best for them, but in the all he has done is failed to hold them accountable, and failed to be the role model their parents sent them to Ohio State to learn from. These players were ineligible when they played the entire 2010 season, and Tressel knew it. These players never should have played a game, therefore the Buckeyes MUST vacate their entire season, Big Ten Title and all. Tressel must lose his job immediately, and the players should be banned from NCAA competition, not for 5 games, but for life; their eligibility is gone, they are professionals now.






Submit your Application now, and maybe you can be the Head Coach of the once mighty Buckeyes of Ohio State University when the 2011 Season starts (Pawn Shop and Tattoo Parlor experience a Plus).


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