Justin Verlander redefines the Balk

Posted: April 17, 2011 in Baseball, Uncategorized

Last night, Justin Verlander simply redefined the “Balk” when he appeared to step-off to throw to 1st, but instead threw a pitch Home. What happened next baffled the mind, the “pitch” appeared to hit the batter DeJesus in the foot, so he hobbled his way to 1st. The Umpires met, and eventually concluded that Verlander had thrown an Illegal Pitch. DeJesus was returned to the plate where he eventually walked. Verlander, the Tiger Broadcasters, and everyone else watching were left to wonder what they had just seen.

The simple answer was that we’d seen a balk occur in a form that we had never seen before, and will likely never see again … See it here:


Verlander’s explanation and comments were almost as Priceless as the video itself …

“I went to go pick one and I didn’t get my body turned,” Verlander said. “The way I thought — and this was all in milliseconds — if I just throw it home, they won’t call anything.”

“I saw the video of it and I couldn’t help but laugh at myself,” Verlander said. “It might be the first time it happened in general. I thought nothing could happen at the plate. It was funny talking to the umpires. They gave me a hard time about it, too.”

Congratulations Justin, you’ve assured yourself a spot on Blooper tapes for many years to come … GO GET’EM TIGERS!!!


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