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With the Drafting of Heisman Trophy Running Back Mark Ingram in the 1st Round of the 2011 NFL Draft, 28th Overall; the New Orleans Saints have all but confirmed what many suspected … Reggie Bush will be a former Saint when the 2011 Season starts.  It has long been known that the only way for Bush to return would be to negotiate a new contract for a much lower $$$ figure, something he has been unwilling to do, and rightfully so. Bush has given everything of his being to the Saints organization, he embraced the community when nobody else did (even before Drew Brees adopted the city), and he gave his body to the team every chance he got, even if it often meant endangering his career to pick up an extra acrobatic yard. Yet this is a business, and it is thus that Who Dat Nation THANKS Bush for his years of service, and wishes him well wherever he goes (Seattle with his former USC Head Coach Pete Carroll???).

Bush posted the following to his Twitter account as the 1st Round of the Draft ended, surely a foreshadowing of what is about to become official:

Unless of course he was talking about the Hornets losing to his hometown Lakers to tonight, and being eliminated in 6 games in the 1st Round of the NBA Playoffs?!?!?! Time will certainly tell!!!

That was Thursday, this is Saturday: 

Expect Pierre Thomas to be Traded or Cut despite having signed a new contract after the season. That new 4 yr deal only means that anyone trading for him doesn’t need to worry about re-signing or extending him, he’s locked in at what was a hometown discount to stay a Saint. Bush, Ivory, and Ingram are the trio that will make-up the Saints Backfield in 2011!!!


It’s over, Steve Yzerman’s Tampa Bay Lightning have eliminated the remnants of the Sidney Crosbyless Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 7 to advance to the 2nd round of the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Crosby missed the remainder of the season after sustaining a Concussion, and last playing January 5th. He returned to practice at the end of the regular season, but was never able to get on the Ice for a Playoff Game, and it showed as the Penguins amassed a 3-1 series lead before eventually falling miserably to the “Team That Yzerman Built” in seven games. Now, the City of Pittsburgh, Penguins Fans, and the Country of Canada as whole are left to wonder if and when they’ll ever see #87 on the Ice again. Or has Sid the Kid come, and gone away?!?

Here’s a twist on an old classic, and surely somewhere in Canada a musician is putting this Simon and Garfunkel Classic to good use as they look for their lost hero.

“Where have you gone, Sidney Crosby
A nation turns its lonely eyes to you (Woo, woo, woo)
What’s that you say, Mrs. Robinson
Sid The Kid has left and gone away
(Hey, hey, hey…hey, hey, hey) “

-A Concession Stand Original-

Plain and Simple … Daniel Schlereth is the Anti-Ryan Raburn!!!

There are NO words to describe just how Pathetic Ryan Raburn is as a Fielder!!! Even Jose Canseco managed to get under the ball when it hit him in the head, Raburn turned a routine out, or close play double into a homerun from in front of the warning track … Simply the worst example of defense I’ve ever seen from a Major League Ballplayer!!!

Ryan Raburn 4-26-11: 

Jose Canseco:

The excuses were garbage, the reasons pathetic, and the punishment a sham. This was the story of the Ohio State Buckeyes. At least this was their story before the NCAA stepped up.

Today the NCAA in a 13 page document, notified Ohio State University that they now have 90 days to respond to allegations that their Head Football Coach personally hid the truth and committed Major NCAA Violations.

The NCAA Cover Letter:

The Allegations:

The Sweater Vest must go, this is not a case of an institution losing control, this is a case of 1 man lying to the world, abusing his power over student athletes, and ultimately trying to cover it all up to save his own skin. He claimed to care about his players, he claimed he wanted what was best for them, but in the all he has done is failed to hold them accountable, and failed to be the role model their parents sent them to Ohio State to learn from. These players were ineligible when they played the entire 2010 season, and Tressel knew it. These players never should have played a game, therefore the Buckeyes MUST vacate their entire season, Big Ten Title and all. Tressel must lose his job immediately, and the players should be banned from NCAA competition, not for 5 games, but for life; their eligibility is gone, they are professionals now.






Submit your Application now, and maybe you can be the Head Coach of the once mighty Buckeyes of Ohio State University when the 2011 Season starts (Pawn Shop and Tattoo Parlor experience a Plus).

1 Carolina Panthers – Cam Newton – QB
2 Denver Broncos – Marcell Dareus – DT
3 Buffalo Bills – Von Miller – LB
4 Cincinnati Bengals – Blaine Gabbert – QB
5 Arizona Cardinals – AJ Green – WR
6 Cleveland Browns – Robert Quinn – DE/OLB
7 San Francisco 49ers – Jake Locker – QB
8 Tennessee Titans – Nick Fairley – DT
9 Dallas Cowboys – Tyron Smith – OT
10 Washington Redskins – Julio Jones – WR
11 Houston Texans – Da’Quan Bowers – DE
12 Minnesota Vikings – Aldon Smith – DE
13 Detroit Lions – Patrick Peterson – DB
14 St. Louis Rams – Mike Pouncey – OL
15 Miami Dolphins – Prince Amukamara – DB
16 Jacksonville Jaguars – Corey Liuget – DT
17 New England Patriots – Mark Ingram – RB
18 San Diego Chargers – Ryan Kerrigan – DE
19 New York Giants – JJ Watt – DE
20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Cameron Jordan – DE
21 Kansas City Chiefs – Anthony Castonzo – OL
22 Indianapolis Colts – Jimmy Smith – CB
23 Philadelphia Eagles – Akeem Ayers – LB
24 New Orleans Saints – Adrian Clayborn – DL
25 Seattle Seahawks – Gabe Carimi – OL
26 Baltimore Ravens – Muhammad Wilkerson – DT
27 Atlanta Falcons – Cam Heyward – DT
28 New England Patriots – Ryan Mallett – QB
29 Chicago Bears – Marvin Austin – DL
30 New York Jets – Bruce Carter – LB
31 Pittsburgh Steelers – Aaron Williams – DB
32 Green Bay Packers – Drake Nevis – DL

Here you go Cubs Fans, before I mock you, here’s the lovely Jenn Sterger to cheer you up …

Forget Bartman, the Black Cat, and the Billy Goat. The Chicago Cubs Threw the 1918 World Series. They reached a World Series, and rather than attempt to win it, they decided it was a better idea to let Boston win the World Series, and instead take a few hundred dollars from a bookie. At least when the 1919 White Sox threw their World Series , you could tell there were players who tried to win, the 1918 Cubs were simply an over-matched embarrassment!

Don’t worry Chicago fans, even the Bookies give your Cubbies a chance of winning a World Series one of these centuries …

CHICAGO — If Chicago has been willing to believe that a cow caused the Great Chicago Fire, maybe it will buy this one: The White Sox got the idea to throw the 1919 World Series after the Cubs did the same thing one year earlier.

That’s the suggestion — more of a hint, really — from Eddie Cicotte, one of the infamous Black Sox banned from baseball after their tainted World Series against Cincinnati.

More On The Cubs

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In a 1920 court deposition the Chicago History Museum recently put on its website, Cicotte said “the boys on the club” talked about how a Cub or a number of Cubs were offered $10,000 to throw the 1918 Series they lost 4-2 to theBoston Red Sox.

Cicotte is as vague as vague can be, failing to name any names or provide any details about how the players might have done it or even if he believes the Cubs threw the Series. But if what he suggests is true it means that when it came to fixing ball games in the early 20th century, Chicago was nobody’s Second City.

“It is interesting to me as a Cubs fan and a historian of Chicago that both teams could be involved in back-to-back years,” said Peter Alter, an archivist at the museum who examined the document and other artifacts that the museum paid $100,000 for at auction.

If Cicotte’s deposition lacks specifics, it does offer a glimpse into the life of a player when their lives were a lot more like the working stiffs who rooted for them than the wealthy owners they played for.

More On The Red Sox

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Players commonly groused about being underpaid and there wasn’t anyone in the majors who didn’t hear rumors about fixes. It was impossible not to see the gamblers at the games, the lobbies of the hotels where they stayed or in the taverns where they drank.

And they talked about such rumors all the time, including, Cicotte said, on a long train ride from Chicago to the East Coast.

“The ball players were talking about somebody trying to fix the National League ball players or something like that,” Cicotte is quoted as saying in the deposition.

“Well anyway there was some talk about them offering $10,000 or something to throw the Cubs in the Boston Series,” he said. “Somebody made a crack about getting money, if we got into the Series, to throw the Series.”

Cicotte apparently likes the sound of $10,000 because that is what he said somebody left in his hotel room for his role in the fix of the 1919 Series. He died in 1969.

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Whether any of this is true is unknown, but an author who wrote about the 1918 Series after examining the deposition and other material said not only was such a fix possible, it was understandable.

“They didn’t make much money,” said Sean Deveney, a reporter with The Sporting News whose book, “The Original Curse,” said a fix by the Cubs was likely. “They had the incentive to do something like that.”

Both the Cubs and the Red Sox were upset that the teams’ owners were not paying their fair share of the World Series receipts, Deveney said. Before one Series game in Boston, the two squads refused to come on the field until the owners paid them what they were promised.

“The owners said no,” Deveney said.

Deveney said the players quickly understood that they could not win a public relations battle by refusing to play a game during World War I, not in a ball park filled with soldiers. So they played.

So did the Cubs throw the Series? No great hitter suddenly forgot how to hit, and the Cubs pitchers were terrific, finishing the Series with an astonishing 1.04 ERA.

Still, “there were definitely some suspicious plays,” Deveney said, and most of them involved outfielder Max Flack.

In the fourth game, Flack was picked off not once, but twice. Flack turned a catchable fly ball in the sixth and final game into an error that allowed two runs to score in the Red Sox’s 2-1 win.

And there was the time Babe Ruth came to the plate for the Red Sox — a pitcher at the time, but emerging as one of the game’s best hitters — and the Cubs’ pitcher, Lefty Tyler, saw that Flack was not playing deep enough in right field.

“He waved him back and Flack just stood there,” Deveney said. “Sure enough, Babe hit one over his head” for a triple that scored two runs.

Later in the game, Cubs pitcher Phil Douglas came in the game long enough to field a grounder and throw the ball over the first baseman’s head, allowing the decisive run to score in the Red Sox’s 3-2 win.

A few years later, Douglas was banned from baseball for what the papers called “treachery” after proposing that another team in the pennant race pay him to leave the team and “go fishing.”

All six games in the 1918 Cubs-Red Sox Series were close — Boston never won a game by more than a run — and it would only take a dropped ball here or a badly thrown ball there to turn victory into defeat.

“It didn’t take much to throw a game,” Deveney said. “It really didn’t.”

If there is a record of a baseball official asking Cicotte a single question about the 1918 World Series, Deveney doesn’t know about it.

“Baseball didn’t want to investigate,” he said. “They wanted to make it all about the Black Sox and say, ‘OK, gambling’s gone.”

And what if the Cubs — a team that hasn’t won a World Series in 103 years, blaming the curse of a goat and the glove of a fan named Steve Bartman along the way — had actually beaten Boston back in 1918?

“It would have bumped the curse up a decade,” joked Alter. “We could be looking at a century [without winning a World Series] seven years from now.”
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This latest Chapter in the Miguel Cabrera Off-Season DUI (Alleged) Arrest amounts to nothing more than heresay. It’s long been time to simply let Miguel Cabrera do exactly what he’s doing, and that is perform on the field like the Future Hall-of-Famer the Tigers signed to one of the 10 richest contracts in Baseball history.

The State Attorney’s Office in Florida released new evidence in Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera’s DUI case today, including a 911 call made a by a driver on the road the February night he was arrested in Ft. Pierce, Fla.

The caller reported seeing a black Range Rover nearly hit somebody head-on and said the SUV was driving all over the road and was speeding up, slowing down and stopping in the middle of the road.

PDF: Read the summary of the sworn statements

“He’s got smoke all coming out from his car,” the man said while on the phone with dispatch.

The call came in at 10:44 p.m., Feb. 16 — about 30 minutes before deputies with the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office in Florida arrested Cabrera on suspicion of drunken driving and resisting an officer without violence.

The State Attorney’s Office also released a synopsis of sworn statements of two drivers on the road that night. One of the statements was from a man who said he saw the incident and called 911.

Previously released police documents said Cabrera’s SUV was pulled to the side of the road when deputies arrived on the scene. Deputies said Cabrera had an odor of alcohol on his breath, and his eyes were bloodshot and watery.

A plea of not guilty has been entered on Cabrera’s behalf. The Free Press was unable to reach Cabrera’s attorney, Michael Kessler, for comment this afternoon.

Last night, Justin Verlander simply redefined the “Balk” when he appeared to step-off to throw to 1st, but instead threw a pitch Home. What happened next baffled the mind, the “pitch” appeared to hit the batter DeJesus in the foot, so he hobbled his way to 1st. The Umpires met, and eventually concluded that Verlander had thrown an Illegal Pitch. DeJesus was returned to the plate where he eventually walked. Verlander, the Tiger Broadcasters, and everyone else watching were left to wonder what they had just seen.

The simple answer was that we’d seen a balk occur in a form that we had never seen before, and will likely never see again … See it here:

Verlander’s explanation and comments were almost as Priceless as the video itself …

“I went to go pick one and I didn’t get my body turned,” Verlander said. “The way I thought — and this was all in milliseconds — if I just throw it home, they won’t call anything.”

“I saw the video of it and I couldn’t help but laugh at myself,” Verlander said. “It might be the first time it happened in general. I thought nothing could happen at the plate. It was funny talking to the umpires. They gave me a hard time about it, too.”

Congratulations Justin, you’ve assured yourself a spot on Blooper tapes for many years to come … GO GET’EM TIGERS!!!

This is the Detroit Red Wings Johan Franzen, it’s the NHL Playoffs, and he’s a Hockey Player!!!

Where are you Sidney Crosby? Real Hockey Players are on the Ice …

Here’s the local coverage of the Hit that gave Franzen between 21 and 23 Stitches before he returned to Game 2 today which the Wings would Win to go up 2-o against the Coyotes!!!–Shane-Doan-differ-over-impact-of-23-stitch-hit