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Today is the day Miguel Cabrera gets to resume his on-field life … Off the field he’s getting the Treatment he needs, now it’s time to begin the on-field healing of Miguel, his Teammates, and the Fans … GO GET’EM TIGERS!!!


Ernie Harwell

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Every Spring, Ernie Harwell, the Hall of Fame Broadcaster of the Detroit Tigers would start his Opening Spring Training Broadcast by reciting from The Song of Solomon Chapter 2 Verses 10-12

Much like his iconic introduction, and even more memorable catch phrases; Ernie Harwell is “Loooong Gone”, but Never forgotten, and as the Tigers kick off this 2011 Season, we take a moment to reminisce about “The Voice of the Turtle”, “The Voice of Detroit Tigers Baseball”

With all due respect to Dan Dickerson who enters his 12th Season as the Tigers Radio Voice, he is Not Ernie Harwell, and short of playing a recording of Ernie’s opening, he will never have a memorable opening … good but not memorable. In fact Dickerson himself knows only the name of the person who wrote his opening line, but not who the person is beyond that … There’s no doubt Ernie knew who authored his line, and what their significance was to mankind … Oh well, at least he’s trying … Just for reference, my search for B.J. Phillips took all of .03994 seconds using Google, and found this …, B.J. Phillips was an Associate Editor for TIME Magazine. Maybe Dickerson should do as much research on his material as he does on the players he covers.


Reports are coming in this morning that the Cleveland Indians have signed RHP Chad Durbin to a 1-year $800,000 deal with the potential for him to earn an additional $1-Million in easily reachable incentives …

The biggest Free Agent Derby of Spring Training 2011 has come to an end, the Indians have outbid the Phillies,  Rangers,  RedSox, Rays &  Royals for the Righties services, a signing that few saw coming even earlier this week, but one which will be felt throughout baseball. Durbin of course is no stranger to the AL Central, having pitched previously for the Indians in 03 and 04, as well as the Tigers in 06 and 07.

Durbin brings with him a “Championship” pedigree (06 Detroit, 08 Philly, 09 Philly, 10 Philly) that although the Indians aren’t picked to Contend in the AL Central this year, will certainly prove to be a valuable component of an otherwise young Indians Bullpen. A safe bet would be that if Durbin pitches as he has the last 3 seasons in Philly, that he will not finish the 2011 season in Cleveland, but rather with a Contender in yet another Pennant Race.

In working his way to a contender in June or July, Durbin will have gotten the best of both worlds, he’ll have gotten a Major League Contract for a full season, and a shot at another Playoff Run with Philly, Tampa Bay, Boston, Texas, or a Contender that wasn’t pursuing him according to the media this spring. In the meantime, the Phillies will miss his presence in their pen, a unit that he stabilized over the last three seasons, and the Indians will gladly raffle him off for the price of a prospect or two at the Trade Deadline.

Here are some links to the Mass Media coverage:

Miguel Cabrera today, took the first step towards the rest of his life, when he took the microphone on the apron of Joker Marchant Stadium in Lakeland this afternoon, we saw a Giant who had been humbled and made to see the world from the eyes of an Ant, and has said he’s “Sorry” … Now he can begin to be a Giant again with the help of the Tigers and their “True and Loyal” fans.

There are those who will say, “Trade him now, he’s worthless as a person”, to those people I say … Go be a Yankees fan, we don’t want you in Detroit. A true diehard Tigers fan will understand that Cabrera had been sober for roughly 15 months when he made a mistake and had that Scotch … a true Tigers fan will understand that you don’t turn your back on Cabrera when he needs support the most. It’s easy to be a fan of “Mr. Squeaky Clean”, but it takes a real fan to be a fan of the guy who climbs to the top, falls down, and asks for their help in being the person you had hoped they could be on their own.

Do I condone Cabrera’s actions, absolutely not, he could have killed himself or worse, an innocent person … But that by no means suggests that I think the Tigers should trade him. That’s like saying the Yankees should have cut/traded Mantle several thousand times in the 50’s and 60’s … The Mick was a Lush, but he was the Mick, and the suggestion was never made. Miguel Cabrera is no different in that sense, and should not be punished as such for playing in this era rather than Mantle’s. Instead he should be helped as a person, and allowed to do what he loves and excels at, which is to play 1B for the Detroit Tigers without daily persecution from fans who are just as internally imperfect as he is.

There are those who would say the above picture of Cabrera working out after the press conference should not exist, but the fact of the matter is, this Man needs Baseball as much as Baseball needs this man. For every seemingly model role model in the form of Evan Longoria, Dustin Pedroia, and Derek Jeter … there is a Miguel Cabrera or Josh Hamilton, and Baseball needs them too. Baseball needs the Superstar player who can show young fans the path not to take, and that if you do take that path, that there are consequences, but also that you can comeback from that path. Is Miguel Cabrera an Alcoholic … YES! But he bears no responsibility to admit that publicly, so long as he admits it to himself, to his family, and to those associated with his treatment program, which he assuredly has. It is also important to remember that there is a legal situation here, so his lack of comment is not his dodging the questions, but rather the actions of a client listening to his attorneys, and allowing them to do their jobs, as they are allowing him to do his.

So Miguel Cabrera has reported to Spring Training, he will soon begin playing in games, he has already begun outpatient rehab, and he and the Tigers Front Office are planning the next ongoing step … Now it is time for us as fans of the Game of Baseball and of Miguel Cabrera and the Detroit Tigers to allow this to happen, and support it … GO GET’EM TIGERS!!!

Here are the links to the Mass Media Coverage:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE–‘I-want-to-regain-my-reputation’

The Tigers have announced that Cabrera has reported to Spring Training, and will address the Media at 4:30pm est …

 There will be NO further comment from the Concession Stand until sometime this evening, AFTER Cabrera has spoken …

But for those of you that feel the need to read something now, here are the Detroit Free Press, and ESPN Articles …|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Who Dat Released Shockey

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Escape New York = Check

Re-establish yourself as a Premiere TE = Check

Record a TD for the Saints in the Super Bowl = Check

Win the Super Bowl = Check

Mentor the Basketball player turned Rookie TE = Check

Get Released when you’re due $4.2 Million = Check

This is the story of beloved Saints TE Jeremy Shockey who was released yesterday, cast aside by the Saints for doing too much to help the team. Shockey has taken the high road, and posted to his Twitter and Facebook accounts the following:

  • Always will remember my time in New Orleans. What a city, you all welcomed me like one of your own, and we had a great run. Onto the next chapter, the Deep Unknown.

It was in fact a “great” run, but a run that should not have ended yesterday, “yes” the NFL is a business, the looming Lockout tells us that much; however the concept of loyalty should have come into play here. Shockey’s impact on the payroll $4.2MM is easily off-set by his value in marketing, community service, and fan sentiment. The fact is, the Saints have used and discarded Shockey in much the same way a 4-year-old does the same with a pack of fruit snacks, enjoy them, make them give you their all, and then throw them away once their value drops below sticker price.  Now I certainly don’t expect a 4-year-old to retain that empty fruit snack wrapper, but the Saints did not have an empty wrapper in the person of Jeremy Shockey.

“It’s a business, I understand,” Shockey told ESPN’s Rachel Nichols. “I’ll just go play hard for someone else. Whoever gets me it’s going to be a steal.”

He will be a steal … The Saints will miss him … But he will Always be the TE of the Super Bowl XLIV Champion New Orleans Saints … WHO DAT!!!

Jimmy Graham is a very promising TE prospect, at 6ft. 6in. and 260lbs, he’s certainly a nice target for QB Drew Brees, but with only 31 catches for 356 yds and 5 td’s, the now 2nd yr TE has a long way to go before he replaces Shockey on the stat page, and in the hearts of Who Dat Nation … The NFL is a business, but so are the merchandising dollars of the fans, and the Saints have forgotten that …

ESPN Coverage:

Is Reggie Bush and his $11.8 Million the next Super Bowl Hero headed out of the Big Easy?!?

Prediction: When Free Agency does Open, Shockey signs with the Detroit Lions to both mentor young TE Brandon Pettigrew, and be a stabilizing weapon for Franchise QB Matthew Stafford

“Every Man” deserves his day in Court, and Tigers First Baseman Miguel Cabrera is NO different. There is no question he fell off the wagon last week for the first time since his alcohol related domestic incident in 2009.  However, what is in question is ALL of the circumstances surrounding last week … Ranging from … Why was he driving that late at night? Why did he have the Scotch with him? Was the Scotch his, or a friends? Was someone else with him (After all he did refer to someone else when Officer’s arrived)?  And many more questions thus far un-answered, but sure to be answered between now and the court date on March 16th.

The Media has already convicted him of Driving Under the Influence, but thus far there is NO proof that he had taken a drink prior to the Range Rover breaking down, and his being stranded on the side of a Florida Highway in the middle of the night with no cell phone or other form of contact inducing equipment.

In essence, the burden of proof will fall to the State of Florida to prove to Judge Barnes and or a Jury of Miguel’s peers beyond a reasonable doubt that he was Driving Under the Influence. Short of meeting that burden beyond a reasonable doubt, the only thing the State has, is that Miguel Cabrera, a recovering, now relapsed alcoholic was in fact drinking on the side of the road with his parked/broken down car.

So I caution the Media at large, and fans in general to let this play out before you condemn and convict Miguel Cabrera … Yes he fell off the wagon, but he needs our help and support, not our judgment … leave that to the Court!!!

Detroit Free Press Article re: Court Date:

LSU Tiger Girls

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Once again the Talented Matt Lange has struck … he’s brought us the making of a Sports Card, then he showed us a little LSU love with this one, and now he puts the icing on the cake …

LSU has just released a New Video featuring The LSU Tiger Girls and Mike the Tiger, and Concession Stand Regular Matt Lange is THE MAN who EDITED this viral Masterpiece …   Direct Link to the Video Here:

To see more of Matt’s work, or to sign this Creative Genius to work for you, check him out in our Blog Roll, or right here: or

Barry Sanders Jr. was in Tuscaloosa yesterday for the University of Alabama’s Junior Day for the 2012 Class … True to Tide form, a Recruiting Violation has already occurred.  As part of the day’s events, Sanders, his Father NFL Hall-of-Famer Barry Sanders, and other recruits attended the Tide Basketball game. That in and of itself is not a violation of any type, but rather the fact that the younger Sanders was introduced is. Pursuant to NCAA Rule 13.11.5 “An institution may not introduce a visiting prospect at a function (e.g., the institution’s sports award banquet or an intercollegiate athletics contest) that is attended by media representatives or open to the general public.”

In all likelihood Alabama will claim this was an unintentional violation, and thus it will be classified as a Secondary Violation, and not effect the Tide’s ability to recruit him, or his ability to play for them. The ridiculous aspect of this, is that this is not the first time Saban has crossed the line in the recruiting of Sanders Jr., last month the following was taken at Heritage Hall High School in Oklahoma …

Saban called this an incidental meeting which is allowed under NCAA Rules, which if you believe, I’ve got some swamp land in the lower 9th ward of New Orleans to sell you with a waterfront view!!!

The bottom line is that Nick Saban is crooked, he was crooked at Michigan State, crooked at LSU, stole from the Miami Dolphins, and has perfected his craft at Alabama. He may in fact succeed in downplaying and dodging his transgressions with the younger Sanders’ recruiting, but where there is smoke, there most certainly is fire. Stay tuned folks, we may just be headed towards another Tide dismantling at the hands of a dishonest coach and enforced by the NCAA!!!

Here’s the coverage from Sanders local newspaper The Daily Oklahoman:

Video of the Violation:

Highlight Film:

Sorrow, Regret, Shock, Concern, Disappointment … These are all terms which can be used today to describe Tigers 1B Miguel Cabrera. The 28-year old Franchise player fell off the wagon Wednesday night, and his fans and teammates are left to wonder what happened to their MVP candidate …

Here is the coverage of the incident by the Detroit Free Press 2/17:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Detroit Free Press 2/18:

Cabrera was intoxicated without question, but the thing to remember here is that this young man has a disease. For most of us, the consumption of alcohol is a choice that we make willingly with control, in Miguel’s case, this is not so. Miguel is an alcoholic, and alcoholism is a disease that can be treated but not cured. As we all know, this is the second time he has had an Alcohol related problem as a Tiger (Final weekend of the 2009 Season -Dombrowski picked him up from Police Station-). Arguably that 2009 incident involving his wife, and being in season was more egregious to social norms, but Wednesday’s incident is no less troubling as it signals a relapse, and serves a reminder of his constant battle with Alcoholism.

Why did Miguel have the Scotch?

We Don’t Know

Did he drink before or after the car broke down?

We Don’t Know

What happened to make him relapse?

We Don’t Know

Why was he in that part of Florida which was near neither his Home nor Lakeland and TigerTown?

We Don’t Know

… It sure seems to me that there is an awful lot that we don’t know, and until we do, who are we to judge this person?!? Who are we to say that this person should be 100% successful in his battle with alcohol just because he’s a Baseball Icon?!? If it were that simple, there would be no Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings, no Betty Ford Clinics, or anything else of those natures … Society simply wouldn’t need them.

The fact of the matter is, but for an UNMATCHED ability to hit a Baseball, we as the general public would have no clue as to who Miguel Cabrera is … to us, he would be no more than just another alcoholic, and be eaten up by the “system”. However, he is that Baseball player, so we care, but that care must be placed properly. We must support the young man battling a disease that he will carry with him for the rest of his life with or without Baseball.

Will Miguel Cabrera play Baseball again … YES!!!

Will Miguel Cabrera play MVP Caliber Baseball again … YES!!!

Will Miguel Cabrera need every member of Tigers Family to be his Sponsor … YES!!!

Will Miguel Cabrera battle Alcoholism for the rest of his life … YES!!!

Turn your back if you want, condemn him if you must … but if you do … don’t knock on my door when it’s your turn to need help … and certainly don’t claim his achievements on the field, because you gave up on Miguel Cabrera when he needed you most.|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE … Until this moment, I was a fan of Albom’s … No more!!!